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ABOUT US - Monty Busch

This is my site. I have spent the last 15 years learning to facilitate residential and commercial mortgages. While we originate all conventional ( FANNIE, VA,USDA) loans, I have extensive experience in originating investment property loans and private real estate loans (we own LTV FUNDING capital and Urban coyote Funding (commercial loans) )

I am an experienced investor myself having bought and sold over 25 homes in the last 17 years. I am also an active landlord currently holding over 13 properties. Transactions for investors can be far more complicated than the ordinary loan for the owner occupier and my real world experience will give me an edge in finding the best deal for my clients.



Your first choice is conventional (Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac), best rates - why? The Govt. insures the loan (or a portion). These are very rigid in underwriting and require certain Debt to income  ratios, no recent bk, short sell, mortgage lates, etc... 

Next, small banks and other non-bank portfolio loans (meaning , they hold the loans ). Underwriting puts more emphasis on the asset (does it cash flow -does the rent cover the mortgage and expenses-  simple) 

Third choice - our "in house" hard money,  used mostly to acquire for fix and flip or for acquisition and rehab before converting to one of the above options. 
However, we have loans from 9% for 5 years (interest only and 30 year amortization) for those that don’t meet the above. 

How do we work - (the long term)? 

We have relationships with various small banks, insurance companies and other non-bank funds. 


Loan Reason (purchase,refinance, cash, other, why you need the loan...)
Your Loan details: (loan amount and property details):
Reason you may not qualify conventional :
explanation for any credit problems (BK, foreclosure, other ...be specific)
do you know credit score: 

We can do these "stated income " or our preferred hybrid stated. 
use bank statements for income  
**What are your total cash deposits into your personal acct (business is ok if 100% owned by you -the borrower) : 


Hint: Be specific about your loan request, your credit and finances and the property and we can move quickly. 

Lots of loans come our way because the initial originator did not ask the right questions or the borrower did you answer in detail and lots of time was wasted. 
Don’t let that happen to you. 



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