The form below is an online 1003 (full standard residential loan application). If you are unsure about applying, go to contact us page and tell our team why you think you may need an alternative - Portfolio loan. Be prepared to discuss any credit issues (mortgage lates - when, bk, shortsale , foreclosure, or any other negative info)


Many Porfolio loans are for the self employed so bank statements can be used - *** if thats the case know your total deposits for last 24 months so that we may calculate a monthly deposit average.


BEFORE YOU COMPLETE THE FULL APPLICATION (1003 ) BELOW, WE RECOMMEND THE "PREQUAL- STORY" SUBMISSION- It wil give us the reasons you need portfolio or alternative funding - PreQual Here (step 1)

Niche Portfolio Loans :


Portfolio (Jumbo, Self employed, altnernative)



Investor (rental property) loans



Investor (Blanket property) loans



Property Tax loans


Texas Mortgage loans - FULL LOAN APPLICATION FOR PORTFOLIO LENDING (For owner occupied and investment property loans)

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