Portfolio Loans (APPLY BELOW) **not full application (download spanish version if needed)



The bank statement program calculates income based on 24 months of bank deposits.(total cash deposited). Below the link will open an excel sheet to help you organize and caclulate those deposits, or you may call us or let us know your total deposits for 24 months and we can prequalify.

Note (if you do not have excel ) , just organize your bank acct info -

1. What is your total deposits in personal and business accounts (if you own 100% of the business)



DOWNLOAD our (BANK STATEMENT ANALYZER) excel spreadsheet - the loan analzyer or complete online below (IF ASKED TO PROVIDE 24 MONTHS OF STATEMENTS)

OR GOTO direct to step 2 full app

LINK TO (FULL APPICATION FOR FULL APPROVAL) Full 1003 (if we instructed you to go to full loan application


(The below is a summary of your requests and will ask questions about your recent credit and overall financial health ) important that we understand any obstacles and reasons a borrower was denied financing.





* Required
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