Loan Types :


Refinance and Cashout

Renovation and purchase as investment

Typical Reasons

Borrowers with multiple properties

Recent credit problems

Hard to prove income via W2

Recently Self Employed

Judgements and BK

Niche Portfolio Loans :


Portfolio (Jumbo, Self employed, altnernative)



Investor (rental property) loans



Investor (Blanket property) loans



Property Tax loans



What is our role in helping borrowers with non -traditional loans & Mortgages?


We have relationships with various institutions in Texas.
Our knowledge of acceptable loans, credit and property types eliminate wasted time and effort.

Our Team will prepare:
Package loan and presentation
Includes resume,financial statements, tax returns, analyzing income and assets

Underwriting loan  and preparing various structures

Scheduling of interviews and meeting with banks

When reviewing deal:


Questions we may ask : (we ask these on our online portfolio scenario)

Are sure there is not more collateral

More borrower cash

Other collateral: CD, financial instrument, stock and retirement
Oil leases and royalty


We broker loans to various healthy banks with whom we have relationships. We may work with credit unions and other “institutional” lenders as well as our private capital and equity.

Rates can vary from prime + 2 or more and terms from 15 - 30 years.



Jumbo solutions: 500k +


borrowers with prior credit issues, income volatility(self employed or 1099), or other special situations that may make securing financing challenging.


650 min credit (600 with reasonable explanation)

20% down

recent bk and foreclosure ok

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