Our Mission

( 214 824 0417) *** We are a small mortgage company helping borrowers with both primary and investment property loans need lending that may not fit traditional todays conventional methods.


Sometimes a borrower just does not qualify for conventional (Fannie Mae - FHA type) loans. Perhaps you have large cash holdings but show little income or you have more than 5 or even 10 properties financed. Whether you need rental property loan or have recent bank bankruptcy and credit problems we may be able to help

AlternatiFinancing & Portfolio lending

Niche Portfolio Loans :


Portfolio (Jumbo, Self employed, altnernative)



Investor (rental property) loans



Investor (Blanket property) loans



Property Tax loans


Blanket loans for your rental property - loans for landlords and investors who have more than 5 properties



Will need to know :

How many properties

Details (rent, history, value, etc...) for each

Borrower experience and credit




Banks - Private Equity - and Private- hard money investors make up the various ways in whIch blanket loans may be funded.