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( 214 824 0417) *** We are a small mortgage company helping borrowers with both primary and investment property loans need lending that may not fit traditional todays conventional methods.



Sometimes a borrower just does not qualify for conventional (Fannie Mae - FHA type) loans. Perhaps you have large cash holdings but show little income or you have more than 5 or even 10 properties financed. Whether you need rental property loan or have recent bank bankruptcy and credit problems we may be able to help

AlternatiFinancing & Portfolio lending



Texas Mortgage loans - investors, althernative, jumbo and non conventional


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** be thoughtful - tell us why you need portoflio financing - why do you think you you need "alternative financing" , have you been denied? your email will go directly to owners and can drastically speed up and improve chances of funding.

Bascially we are looking for:

Purpose of loan (refianance, purchase, other)

property type, value, price,...

borrower reason for alternative financing ?

If self employed and income is issue - A portfolio loan is usually the best option. Calculate your total deposits for 2 years so we can come up with an average. Tell your "story" (how your paid, what you do and gross deposits)

Know your credit, what are the negatives and do you have an explanation?

Bascially we want:

Just the "story' of your situation to see we can help .


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